Meet The Owner

My name is Cheyenne Hayden, I am a dedicated yoni steam practitioner and energy worker as well as a new doula. I am passionate about womb wellness, women’s advocacy, uplifting our ancestors and being acquainted with the valuable healing qualities of ancient; cultural herbs and crystals. Most importantly I am a woman, specifically a woman of diversity and I respect the sacredness of my sisters and the significance and importance of the yoni; and I will always be an advocate, keeper and protector of these beliefs.


Bohemian Virtue’s Mission Statement: 

Your womb is your solar house and Bohemian Virtue was created to make women feel at home in their own bodies again by restoring sacred feminine energies through practices that are relative to my peoples culture. Bohemian Virtue is here to bridge the gap between plants and pills as well as other natural resources placed here to help us enlighten, raise our vibrations and heal ourselves. Our mission is to heal, uplift and empower women in addition to promoting the embodiment of your inner goddess. 


- Chey 🖤