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 Q.) What is Yoni? 

A.) Yoni translates into "sacred place" or "source of all life" referring to a woman's womb or sacred space.


Q.) What are Yoni Eggs 

A.) Yoni eggs are semiprecious stones carved into an egg shape and polished so that it is safe to place in your vagina. 


Q.) What do Yoni Eggs do? 

A.) Some women use Yoni Eggs specifically for health purposes related to what is proven to be the diaphragm of the woman body. It is simply logic that placing the egg into the vagina to practice kegel exercises will tighten the walls of the vagina and help you further gain control over those particular set of muscles. Yoni eggs also assist in appeasing menstrual cramps and incontinence problems. Some women even use Yoni eggs as sex toys because of the sleek smooth and pretty exterior. Yoni eggs are also known to intense up orgasms. And last but not least, because Yoni Eggs are made from healing crystals some women use yoni eggs for a large vast of spiritual benefits such as self empowerment, letting go of past trauma, natural stress relievers and much more.


Q.) How long do you keep the egg in? 

A.) Some women use they're yoni eggs on a day to day basis, some women only use them to meditate with. Up to 8 hours. 


Q.) Will the egg ever get lost in me?

A.) No!! Women have a closed cervix that is not possible, Go into a deep squat and your egg will slide right out.


Q.) "What if it's too big"?

A.) Your egg will not hurt you, it will not be a painful experience! There are 3 sizes. Large, medium and small. The objective is to start at a large and when you begin seeing results, work your way down to a small.

Q.) How do you put it in? 

A.) For beginners I recommend not to stand up and place your yoni egg in. Lay down & just breathe! You won't feel a thing I can assure you. I also recommend getting some natural lubrication flowing and slide your yoni egg in rounder end first and work on working your lower muscles to form around the egg and hold it in. 


Q.) How do you take it out? 

A.) A simple lower push will eject your egg. If that doesn't work dont panic simply go into a deep squat and hold your hands underneath to catch her she will slide right out.


Q.) Do you believe the egg really has healing properties? Do you believe crystals work? 

A.) Personally, I believe that we as humans are made from the earth and connected to the universe. And it is proven that the moon controls the tides and women's menstrual cycle as well as people's moods. Therefore I do believe that a NATURAL stone that is made from the exact same thing would hold the exact same powers and properties. It is all about self love, self improvement and self empowerment. Bond with your egg in this process and she will reward you.


 Can I steam if I have an IUD?

No, it is not recommended for women with an IUD to steam, yoni steaming is intended to shed the lining of your uterus which may shift, dislodge or expel your IUD.


Can I steam during my menstrual cycle?

It is not suggested as menstruation is a process of shedding the uterus, the added stimulation of a Culture Cleanse may lead to heavy bleeding and flow.


Can I steam while I am pregnant?

We must keep in mind that Culture Cleanses are intended to release and shed build up in the uterus. For women who are currently pregnant, your uterine lining is being intentionally built up to nourish the environment of the fetus. Therefore, anything used to contract or cleanse would disrupt the natural alignment.




Bohemian Virtue is not responsible for any adverse reactions. Everyone is invited to holistically heal their wombs with herbs from the earth yet Bohemian Virtue is only for educational, and informational advice. If you may do choose to use holistic methods as alternatives we advise that you consult a qualified health professional first if you have any feelings of doubt. If you feel or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider immediately.


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