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Divine Alignment

Divine Alignment

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Make a statement as well as welcome this energy into your life with these divine alignment angel number pendants. Descriptions below! 

111: this is a special, classic indication from your ancestors and spirit guides that something special, and important is about to happen. You’ve been putting in the work and they see you, dreams will be coming into fruition soon. See this as a message of new beginnings, opportunities and potential.


222: ties deeply to partnerships and things that come in two’s. You may be finding a blissful balance in the relationships in your life, this is a sign of trust and commitments. A message of love to remember to love yourself first and then love those around you freely. This is an invitation for you to restore balance back into your life and could also even be a message of new arrivals of love 


333: a number of trinity & spiritual masters, a bold reminder that you are protected and surrounded by the creator, your ancestors and spirit guides of the highest vibration. Know that if you have asked for help with something they heard your prayers and have faith in forces beyond yourself


444: the number of solid foundations and security. Your spirit guides are proud of your progress. See this as a reminder that it is a time to stay productive, focused, and busy. Now is a time to plan and seek preparation and clear direction. Your positive intentions are about to manifest in the physical. 

777: famously a message of luck, prosperity and abundance but also a message of alignment. Continue to keep your vibrations high and walk in your purpose the universe sees your hard work 


999: 9 is the number of the ancestors, wisdom, reincarnation and maturity. This is a message of coming to the end of a cycle, a sign of clarity. You may be coming to the end and releasing an old journey remember you learned some important message and now is the time to step back reflect and honor this space honor your growth and be proud of yourself because your ancestors and spirit guides are. After taking this time prepare to enter a new chapter 





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