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Bohemian Virtue

Divinely Protected Master Bottle

Divinely Protected Master Bottle

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Master bottles are the “Bottom of the barrel” of each oil, very high in potency has been sitting for over a year and placed under this recent Virgo full moon for charging 🌕  as well as refills about 12 bottles worth of our standard size bottle for over half the price! 

Bohemian Virtue’s version of a traditional “Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil”  Made with real chunks of black tourmaline this oil is meant to be used to put up fierce walls of protection against harm, malevolent spirits and anyone with ill intentions.  You can use your “Divinely Protected Oil” to ground your energy, get rid of negative thoughts, releasing anger, protecting your physical and spiritual body and transforming low vibrational energy into something lighter. 

Made with 80 year old church brick dust! Culturally known to keep away anyone who means you harm 


Speak your affirmations over your oil.

Can be used in floor washes, around home, in your car, on your physical body, on your altar, to anoint your jewelry, in protection amulets and anywhere else your heart leads you 🖤 

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