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Goddess Pads

Goddess Pads

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Also known as fabric pads or cloth pads. 

Cloth Pads are healthier for your body in many ways due to disposable pads and tampons tend to contain artificial fragrances, harmful chemicals, artificial gels, preservatives, residues and bleaches. Being that our pads are placed near the most sensitive and sacred areas of our bodies these harmful materials can get into our system and our cloth pads are made from safe all natural charcoal bamboo

• Soft & breathable 

• Purposely priced to be affordable 
• Comfortable and durable with high absorbency and odor control 

• Due to the lack of chemicals and bleach they are great for sensitive skin 

• Natural materials help reduce menstrual cramps and cycle length 

• Earth friendly- by switching to fabric pads you save over 12,000-15,000 pads ending up in our landfill that takes about 500 years to biodegrade 


Can be hand washed and machine washed and placed in dryer or hung to dry. Wash with your preferred yoni soap and cool water or vinegar

We recommend soaking and pre-rinsing your goddess pad in cool water first, and then machine washing it in cold water to fully clean your pad. You should wash your reusable pads with priority as soon as possible to ensure they remain in great condition.

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