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Honey Jar

Honey Jar

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The new moon is approaching 💕🌙9/14 is when the candle will light on these honey jars. 


• Full name & birthday for your jar, as well as a brief description of your intentions and what your manifesting for your jar 

• Contact information in case I need to contact you 

- Only done around the new moon around the 23rd-25th of each month so if you purchase before then you will have to wait until the next nearest new moon 

Includes personal handwritten petition with YOUR desires in mind, correlating ingredients & a whole lot of high vibrations and good juju!  

The purpose of a honey jar is to sweeten you up to the universe to assist in attracting your desires.

 Can be used for all around healing, self love, confidence, glamour magic, attracting love and sweetness, abundance, protection, & prosperity. 

 I will write out hand written healing petitions, and seal jar. I will work over it for 3 days & then you can pick up or it will be shipped.

What do you do when you get it? Keep it in a safe low key space away from envious eyes & shake it if you ever need encouragement!


If your patient enough to create a steady tide & long lasting effects you can bury your jar on your property!

Make sure to thank Mother Earth ✨

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