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Lust Oil Master Bottle

Lust Oil Master Bottle

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12 oz “bottom of the barrel” bottle that refills our standard size bottle about 12 times for over half the price 💗 

Real Carnelian chunks & rose quartz to represent the heart chakra, patience, confidence & divine femininity. Rose buds & hibiscus for glamour magic, beauty, and high vibrational love. Hand crafted scent that showcases flowery notes of jasmine & ylang-ylang. Use as a "Come to me oil" to attract what you wish. Ideal for all ventures regarding love, especially self love. Has a very alluring vibration

Master bottles include papaya (which strengthens your aura) and cherries fruits of pure love, passion and seductiveness 

- Can be used for a massage oil or speak your manifestations over it like they have already come into existence and then dab on your pulse points like you would a perfume.


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