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Bohemian Virtue

Rich Bitch Taper Candle

Rich Bitch Taper Candle

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6inch taper candles 



Based on — as well as traditionally anointed with our famous, powerful home made “Rich Bitch Oil” Incorporates CHARGED money shreds, raw pyrite stones (a powerful protection stone that is used as a money magnet to draw in wealth and prosperity) money rice & many more high vibrational herbs from the 2/22/22 abundance portal

 Meant to bring in expected and unexpected waves of abundance & prosperity. 

Complete with a beautiful gold and green color finish 

Can be placed on your altar, around your home for everyday use already dressed and anointed to use in your at home rituals and wherever your spirit guides you. 

Flames may be very high and possibly erratic please burn away from all objects and on HEAT SAFE SURFACES. DO NOT leave unattended

Bohemian Virtue is not liable for any damage 


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