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Bohemian Virtue

The Trio ✨

The Trio ✨

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A collection of all three of our powerful & potent intention oils for an amazing discounted price 

•Rich Bitch Oil

Our famous house blend, hand poured, made in smaller batches, can’t find anywhere else made with only love and high vibrations “Rich Bitch Oil” serviced over 4,000 satisfied customers, shipped to all 50 states and various other countries and still going!! 

A powerful & potent blend of money herbs and intentional oils with real money, as well as genuine crystal chunks of Pyrite, a powerful protection stone that is used as a MONEY MAGNET to draw in wealth and prosperity. Simply speak your manifestations over it like they have already come into existence and then dab on your pulse points like you would a perfume.


• Love Phoetion 

Real Carnelian chunks & 4 rose quartz to represent the heart chakra & divine femininity. Roses & Calendula for victory in all your matters. Hand crafted scent that showcases flowery notes of jasmine & ylang-ylang. Use as a "Come to me oil" to attract what you wish. Ideal for ventures regarding love, especially self love.


• Divinely Protected 

Bohemian Virtue’s version of a traditional “Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil”  Made with real chunks of black tourmaline this oil is meant to be used to put up fierce walls of protection against harm, malevolent spirits and anyone with ill intentions.  You can use your “Divinely Protected Oil” to ground your energy, get rid of negative thoughts, releasing anger, protecting your physical and spiritual body and transforming low vibrational energy into something lighter. 


Can be used in floor washes, around home, in your car, on your physical body, on your altar, to anoint your jewelry, in protection amulets and anywhere else your heart leads you 🖤 

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